I’ll Have Another Episode Archive

Episode 424: Neely Gracey – A New Beginning; Racing, Coaching and Motherhood

Neely Gracey was last on the podcast on episode 111, 4 years ago. It’s a joy to have her back on the show today! Neely is a running coach with her business, Get Running Coaching. She is a 3-time Olympic Trials Qualifier, a 2:34 marathoner, and 69 minute half marathoner. Neely is also the mom of … more »

Episode 423: Chris Wehrman – Marathon Training with Chicago’s Favorite Coach and Founder of the RunBetter App

Today I have Coach Wehrman on the podcast! Chris is the founder of the RunBetter app, a Chicago Marathon broadcaster, a family law attorney and the father of 3. He is a 2:17 marathoner and ran in a couple of Olympic Trials in the marathon. He now puts his passion into coaching. I had some … more »

Episode 421: Dr. Stacy Sims – Training Through Perimenopause and Menopause

Dr. Stacy Sims is a forward thinking international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionize exercise and nutrition and performance for women. She has contributed to so many international publications and is super well known in the sports industry. She has published over 70 peer reviewed papers, several books including the book Roar. … more »

Episode 420: Austin Miller – Running Changed my Life

I met Austin when I was in Chicago at Sid Baptista’s PYNRS Performance Streetwear Pop Up Party.  Austin started running when he was walking through grief after his dad passed away from cancer. Early on in those days, someone introduced him to running. He shares his story and how running really changed his life. He … more »


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