Episode 525: Katie Asmuth, Hilary Yang, and Rachel Drake – Hosts of The Trail Network Podcast; the newest podcast in the Sandyboy Productions Podcast Network!

Today, I am joined by three of the hosts of the NEWEST podcast in the Sandyboy Productions Podcast Network – The Trail Network! 

The Trail Network is hosted by ultra runners Leah Yingling, Rachel Drake, Katie Asmuth, and Hilary Yang. Together, they bring the untold stories of magical moments amongst trail runners to life. These stories of runners on and off the trail capture the essence and heart of trail running, and the power of friendship and connection. You’ll find inspiration, community, and a reminder of why we run!

Today, I chatted with Rachel, Katie, and Hilary getting to know their own running stories and the why behind the podcast. I had SO much fun on this intro episode!!

This podcast launched last week with three inspiring and exciting conversations. Go check it out!!

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I also shared one of their first episodes on my feed so you can get a taste of their content. It’s an episode with Leah Yingling and her husband, Mike, and Leah’s race at Lululemon’s FURTHER race where she completed 400 miles. Mike joins and shares about his experience crewing her. Listen to that episode here.

What we talked about

3:00- How they all got to know each other

7:30- Introduction to Hilary

10:00- Their friendship and the backstory of the podcast

15:40- Introduction to Katie

18:50- The mileage that they train at

21:00- Katie and Rachel’s announcement about Western States this year

29:30- Some of the head to head episodes to look forward to

31:40- Friendships and competitiveness in the sport

Show notes:

Rachel’s episode on the I’ll Have Another Podcast

The Shamanic Way of the Bee

The Longest Race by Kara Goucher


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