BONUS EPISODE: Episode 2 of The Trail Network Podcast – FURTHER with Leah Yingling and Mike McMonagle

Hey friends! As promised in the previous episode, we’re airing an episode of The Trail Network Podcast here on the I’ll Have Another Podcast feed. Really excited coming off of the launch of this podcast and want to share the wonderful episodes that they’re hosting over there!!

Here’s all of the details of the episode, in their words!

In this episode, Hilary is joined by Leah Yingling and her husband and partner in crime Mike McMonagle as they dive into her recent experience racing at Further, Lulelemon’s ultra running event. They take a closer look at what goes into both running and crewing a six day race, dissect a few mid-race breakdowns, and both Mike and Leah share with us some top tips that they’ve learned from this crazy experience that we can all apply to our own races!

What we talked about:

4:25- Leah running FURTHER

11:55- Mike’s role in FURTHER

15:25- Leah’s race strategy

25:20- Mike’s experience being on Leah’s crew

31:55- Lowest moments throughout the race

37:55- Leah’s mentality during the race

46:45- Lessons learned from the FURTHER event

Show notes:

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