Episode 523: Kate Grace – Motherhood and Finding Her Own Way in Training

Kate Grace is back on the show today Kate is an Olympian from 2016 and a professional track athlete with Nike. She lives and trains in Boulder, Colorado. She is also a new mom navigating her professional running career as a first-time mom! I loved hearing how she is navigating this and making choices to train in a way that make sense and are healthy for her life and where she is.

Kate has a personal best in the 800m of 1:57.20. She was first on the podcast back in July of 2021 – which was the summer of Kate Grace! She won her first Diamond League and ran three personal bests in NINE days. So much fun to reconnect with her and reflect on all of that years later!

We’re cheering Kate on in the years to come as she navigates professional running and motherhood!

What we talked about:

4:40- Motherhood

17:45- Joining Team Boss

18:35- Her pregnancy

24:55- Kate’s plan for her season

31:00- Big changes in her training plan

42:10- Looking at the various stages of her career

44:50- The timeline of her career

55:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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