I’ll Have Another Episode Archive

Episode 465: Peter Bromka – Going All in With 2:19 Marathoner, Writer, and Relay Team Contributor

Peter Bromka was on the show a few years ago with Esther Atkins talking about the Olympic Marathon Trials. Today was his first time on the show for a solo episode! It’s been a long time coming! Peter is super fast runner – he is a 2:19 marathoner. A few years ago he was trying … more »

Episode 463: Emily Pifer – The Running Body

Emily Pifer is on the podcast today. She has a book that is beautifully written called The Running Body. The book tells Emily’s story and the story of so many other competitive and recreational runners who struggle with overtraining, disordered eating, bone injuries, lots of loss, and the emotional and physical healing that comes with … more »

Episode 462: Christine Yu – Up to Speed: The Groundbreaking Science of Women Athletes

Christine Yu is an award winning journalist who writes about sports science and health. She has a new book coming out called Up to Speed, the Groundbreaking Science of Women Athletes.  She is a really well-known journalist. She has been featured in The Washington Post, Outside Magazine, Runner’s World, Family Circle, Self, Eating Well, ESPNW, … more »

Episode 461: Jake Willard – Director of Brand Marketing and Engagement at TrackTown USA

Jake Willard is the Director of Brand Marketing and Engagement at TrackTown USA. He has such a strong passion for the sport of track and field! TrackTown USA is a nonprofit organization committed to setting a standard of excellence in the sport of track and field and running by hosting premier events, creating a supportive … more »

Episode 460: Adelle Tracey – Competing for Team Jamaica, Career Aspirations Outside of Running

Adelle Tracey runs for Hoka and she now competes for Team Jamaica after years of competing for Great Britain. She has been competing on the international stage for over ten years. She focuses on the 800 and 1500 and in this podcast we talk about the decision to run for Team Jamaica and her goals … more »


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