I’ll Have Another Episode Archive

Episode 404: Helen Schlachtenhaufen – Breakthroughs in 2021: 5th at the Olympic Trials in the 1500 & Recently Signed with Nike

Helen Schlachtenhaufen is a 1500m runner. She recently placed 6th at the USATF Championships in the 1500m. Last summer she placed 5th at the Olympic Trials, missing 3rd place by just 2 seconds. She then went on to run her personal best in the 1500m in 4:01 at her first Diamond League in Sweden. Helen … more »

Nutrition Series Episode 6: Anna Turner – Fueling for the Run (IHA Episode 403)

Today we are wrapping up our Nutrition for Athletes Series. We are finishing up this series with another episode with my friend, sports dietitian, Anna Turner. In this episode, we talk about balancing our meals with carbs, protein, and fat and what percentages of each of those should land on our plates. Anna breaks down … more »

Nutrition Series Episode 5: Meghann Featherstun – Sports Dietitian & 2:56 Marathoner on Racing Your Best & Carb Loading (IHA Episode 401)

Meghann Featherstun is on the podcast today for another episode in the Nutrition for Athletes Series. Meghann is Sports Dietitian who is the founder and owner of Featherstone Nutrition. She works with athletes looking to reach their goals. Her Instagram is full of so much valuable information, if you are an athlete looking to reach … more »

Episode 400: Gabi Rooker – 20 Minute PR at Grandma’s Marathon with an Olympic Trials Qualification

Gabi Rooker took her marathon from 2:54:57 at Grandma’s Marathon in 2021 to 2:34:57 this year at Grandma’s Marathon. This race qualified her for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. We get to hear all about that and what that looked like taking her time down by 20 minutes. She grew up as a gymnast … more »

Nutrition Series Episode 4: Starla García – Cultural and Body Diversity in Running and Nutrition (IHA Episode 399)

Starla García is on the show today for episode 4 of the nutrition series! Starla is a registered dietitian. She is also an Olympic Trials Marathoner. She is the host of her own podcast, the Fuel for More Podcast. She is really passionate about helping runners fuel for better energy, training and personal best times.  … more »


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