Episode 522: Rachel Drake – Black Canyon 100k Champion Headed to Western States

Rachel Drake is joining me on the podcast today! Rachel is a Nike Trail runner! She recently won the Black Canyon 100k which landed her a Golden Ticket to Western States! Western States will be her first 100 mile race!

Rachel is the mom of one and is married to Tyler Green, who was on the podcast back after her palced 2nd at Western STates a few years ago. Rachel is also a medical doctor about to start her residency this summer so we hear all about how she balances parenting, running and school. Wow – I am impressed!!

Rachel qualified for the Olympic Marathon trials at CIM in December when she race a 2:35 marathon. She opted not to run the trials, which was the plan all along as it was her training for the Black Canyon race. She did run in the 2020 Olympic Trials after running the standard in 2:40:17. Rachel has had success in the past training for a marathon in her buildup to her ultra.

I loved getting to know Rachel. She has a passion for the sisterhood of the sport and the camaraderie in the sport! I hope that you love this episode as much as I did!

Photo credit: Mike McMonagle (@shitinthewoods)

What we talked about:

3:50- Winning the Black Canyon 100k

5:45- Rachel’s story with running

10:45- Balancing a busy life with a high level running career

14:20- Being sponsored by Nike Trail

16:45- Her training strategy for ultras

26:45- Qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials

31:00- The decision to become a mom and training postpartum

44:40- What is ahead for Rachel

51:15- Looking ahead at running Western States

59:55- The mental strength during ultras

1:00:55- Her competitors during Black Canyon

1:06:01- Keepings things fun in racing and training

1:15:25- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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