Episode 521: Kelsey Quinn – Assistant Coach of the On Athletics Club

Today, we have Coach Kelsey Quinn on the podcast! She is the assistant coach for the On Athletics Club. She joined the team this past summer of 2023. The On Athletics Club is lead by head coach and three-time Olympian, Dathan Ritzenhein. They are based out of Boulder and they have made quite the splash in the running scene since the club was founded a few years back. They are heading into their fifth season as a club.

One of their greatest achievements over the past year was Helen Obiri winning both the Boston Marathon and the NYC Marathon!!! They have multiple Olympians on the team and national record-holders as well! This past weekend, they also had George Beamish become a world champion in the indoor 1500m and Yared Nuguse winning a silver medal in the indoor 3000m at the world championships. The success of this team is beyond impressive!!!

This is Kelsey’s first professional team that she has coached. She was originally a 400m hurdler herself at the University of Iowa. She has coached at the University of Washington, the University of Portland, and the University of Utah.

I loved hearing all about how she got this job and about being a female coach and mother in the industry!

There is such an exciting year ahead going into the Olympic year for Kelsey and the On Athletics Club!

What we talked about:

4:30- Getting to know Kelsey

7:25- Balancing coaching and motherhood

10:20- Becoming a coach

22:20- Getting the OAC coaching position

32:10- Her college coach instilling in her that she could be a good coach

36:00- Coaching styles

39:00- Being a part of Helen winning the NYC marathon

45:45- Talking about the OAC team

54:55- What recruiting looks like with OAC
57:05- The different culture of each team

1:00:20- Advice to anyone wanting to get into coaching

1:03:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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The Practice of Groundedness

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