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Episode 479: Marie Markham and Robyn McGillis – Founders of Wildwood Running

Robyn McGillis and Marie Markham are on the show today for another episode of the high school coaching series supported by V.O2. Robyn and Marie are the founders of Wildwood Running. Wildwood is committed to guide, empower, connect, and educate young female runners and coaches that impact young female runners. Robyn and Marie are both … more »

Episode 478: Lisa Weightman – 4x Olympian for Australia; 2:23:15 Marathon PR at Age 44

Lisa Weightman is on the show today! Lisa runs for Team Australia. She has competed in four Olympics (2008-2020). Since competing at her forurth Olympic Games in Tokyo, she is running better than ever. At age 44, she has set two personal bests in the mratahon within 6 months. She ran a 75 second PR … more »

Episode 477: Chris Turner – High School Coach Series; Lincoln High School

This episode is a part of our high school coaching series. For the next four weeks we’ll be bringing on various high school coaches about the development of young athletes and the importance of those relationships. I am excited to bring one of my friends, Chris Turner, on the show today. I met Chris through … more »

Episode 476: Annie Hughes; Extreme Ultra Running; Moab 240 and Leadville 100 Champion, Recent 3rd Place at Hardrock 100

Annie Hughes is an ultrarunner who just placed 3rd at Hardrock 100. She is an up and coming ultrarunner but has already made a name for herself in the short time that she has been doing it. In 2019, she left her college team to pursue ultrarunning and hasn’t looked back! Annie lives in Leadville, … more »

Episode 475: Brian Rosetti – Founder of V.O2

We are launching another coaching series! This time we are focusing on interviewing high school coaches. This series is sponsored by V.O2. Today’s guest on the coaching series is Brian Rosetti. Brian is the founder of V.O2. He founded the Run Smart project in 2006 due to his passion for running and desire to help … more »

Episode 474: Jess Stenson – 2x Olympian for Australia, 9th at 2022 NYC Marathon, and Baby Number 2 on the Way

Jess Stenson is an Olympic marathoner from Australia. She is the 2022 Commonwealth Games Champion. She runs for Lululemon. Jess has a 2:25:15 marathon PR and was 9th at the 2022 NYC Marathon in a time of 2:27:27. Jess is the mother of one and has another on the way. I am so excited to … more »


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