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Coaching Series Episode 2: Ryan Hall – Run Free Training (IHA Episode 447)

Today’s episode in this coaching series is with Ryan Hall! Ryan is one of the greatest American distance runners of all time! Ryan Hall is a two-time Olympian for the United States in the 2008 and 2012 Marathon. He is the fastest American to ever run the marathon (2:04:58) and half marathon (59:43) distances. Ryan … more »

Episode 446: Joan Benoit Samuelson; Pioneer in Women’s running- first Women’s Olympic Marathon Champion (1984)

Joan Benoit Samuelson is an icon in our sport! Joan is the gold medalist from the first women’s Olympic marathon in 1984. She held the American record for 28 years in the marathon, 2:21:21, which she ran in Chicago. She won the Boston Marathon in 1979 while a college student and she won it again … more »

Coaching Series Episode 1: Jon Green – Verde Track Club (IHA Episode 445)

I am so excited to bring you this 6 part coaching series on I’ll Have Another! I have had conversations with 6 different coaches in the running world and we are learning about their coaching philosophies and strategies and what their programs look like. This first episode is with Jon Green who is Molly Seidel’s … more »

Episode 444: Vicki Hunter – Running and Returning: Seeking Balance in an Imperfect World

Vicki Hunter is a runner and author. She has a book out called Running and Returning: Seeking Balance in an Imperfect World. She was a competitive runner in her late 20s when she qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon in 1988. She went from a 3:50 to a 2:49 marathon in just 16 … more »

Episode 443: Catching up with Sara Vaughn – Vaughn Childcare Fund and Heading to Boston

Sara Vaughn is back on the show for the fifth time! Sara is a 1500m runner turned marathoner. She is the mom of four and a full time realtor. She ran her third marathon this past fall at the Chicago Marathon where she placed 7th in a time of 2:26:23. She recently announced that she … more »

Episode 442: Lucy Bartholomew – Ultras and Ironman; Finding Joy in the Process

Lucy Bartholomew is an ultra runner and is now an Ironman. She completed her first Ironman last year, placing fourth and qualifying for the Kona World Championships so she will be doing that this year! Lucy broke onto the Ultra scene in 2017. She placed third at Western States in 2018. She ran her first … more »


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