Rooted in friendship, The Illuminate Podcast shares the perspectives of those working to spread light in their communities, families, and the world at large. We hope that the glow of these stories will brighten your day and inspire you to share your light with those around you.


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Episode 165 – Ayden Behn and fun with playlists

In honor of SCAD graduation, this week we bring you senior and soon to be grad, Ayden Behn! In this conversation, we talk through how Ayden approaches new albums (like the Arianna Grande album from earlier this year) and then we dive into playlists, music, and more! This episode makes me fall even more in … more »

Episode 163 – Laura Stuart: The Weekly Warmup

Laura Stuart is an amazing vocal pedagogue who has tapped into a way to bring joy, technique, and self-trust to singing.  In this conversation we hear how Laura got into the world of singing and then we dive deep into working with adult singers, aging voices, and all kinds of vocal technique. If you always … more »

Episode 161 – Cristina Vivenzio and From Idea to Broadway!

Cristina Vivenzio is a producer about to open a show on Broadway! Not just any show, this one is based on the well-loved (and still taught in schools) book, “The Outsiders.” If you haven’t downloaded their latest single, “Great Expectations,” do that right after listening to this awesome conversation.  In this episode, Cristina shares how … more »


Kristin Srour, MBA

Kristin is VP of Social Purpose + Sustainability at Golin. She’s wife to George and mom to Gabe and Jude. She is passionate about social justice, global health equity, building community and loves running, a perfect cup of coffee and traveling to new corners of the world.

Emma Benner

Wherever there’s outdoor fitness, that’s where Emma thrives. You can find her running, rollerblading and hiking in the mountains — that is, whenever she’s not volunteering with amazing nonprofit organizations.

Lindsey Hein

Lindsey is passionate about sharing stories through podcasting! She’s a16-time marathoner and running coach who loves helping runners achieve big goals. She’s also a mom of four, an avid reader, and the founder of SandyBoy Productions.

Emily Burch

A collegiate music professor and choir director, Emmy loves connecting people and sharing stories. When not hosting podcasts or teaching classes, you’ll find her reading, running, or pacing marathons.

Mariam Muzaffar

It’s been a long road for Lindsey since high school cross country! Today she’s a 16-time marathoner and an RRCA coach who loves helping runners achieve big goals. She’s also a mom of four, an avid reader, and the founder of SandyBoy Productions.

Where to begin

Shayna Sangster- The Other Side of Fear

Follow along on Shayna Sangster’s incredible journey, from a lifetime of athletics to her current position as Director of Marketing for the Indiana Fever.

Liz Bohannon – Opportunity Lives out on the Dance Floor

What does it mean to truly live your passion? For Liz Bohannon, the journey began with a letter of resignation and a one-way plane ticket to Uganda.

Farah Nanji- Finding Your Own Way

Diagnosed with a developmental coordination disorder as a teen, Farah Nanji has never let her diagnosis set her limits. Today she’s an entrepreneur in two industries that rely heavily on motor coordination.

Tina Beauvais- Be Kind, Live Kind

Disability Inclusion Educator Tina Beauvais is working toward a better world for her daughter and other children with special needs. The key? Simple human kindness.

The Muzaffar Sisters – Owning this Moment

In the face of the pandemic, three New York sisters stepped up to empower a community in need. Today, they’re inspiring women to step up in their own lives.


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