As a parent, every little bit of encouragement helps — and nobody knows that better than mother of four Lindsey Hein. Each week she’s joined by a fellow parent to give you inspiration for the week ahead. No matter what the highs and lows of parenting bring, you’ve got this!


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Episode 161: Will Elliott – Helping Tweens and Teens Achieve Their Goals and Develop Confidence

Wow – this energy is full of energy, excitement, joy, and great advice! Coach Will Elliott is on the podcast today! He is a teen and parent coach. He coaches teens on their time management, personal growth, motivation, character building. He serves as bridging the gap between parents and teens. This is interesting – he … more »

Episode 160: Amy Kiefer – All things Business, Podcasting, and Friendship

This episode with Amy Kiefer was so much fun! It will feel like you’re just listening in to two friends chatting and catching up on all things business, podcasting, and friendship. Filled my cup for the week! Amy is the co-host of the Herself Podcast and the Pursuing Her Purpose Podcast. She is also the … more »

Episode 159: Dr. Cara Goodwin – When Gentle Parenting Doesn’t Work and How to Help an Anxious Kid

There was so much in this episode that I needed to hear and I hope that you all find the value in it, too! Dr. Cara Goodwin is a child psychologist. She runs the nonprofit Instagram account called the Parenting Translator. She also has a podcast and a substack page for that where she shares … more »


Lindsey Hein

It’s been a long road for Lindsey since high school cross country! Today she’s a 16-time marathoner and an RRCA coach who loves helping runners achieve big goals. She’s also a mom of four, an avid reader, and the founder of SandyBoy Productions.

Best Of

Ericka Sylvester – Giving up Alcohol and Breaking the Stigma

It’s not easy to give up drinking, especially when it’s so glorified in motherhood culture. Here’s what writer Ericka Sylvester has learned during her year of sobriety.

Alissa Henry – A Love of Reading. What you should read next!

How do you make time to read as a busy parent? Former TV host Alyssa Henry shares her secret — and some great titles to add to your reading list!

Andrea Davis; Screen Time and Kids – Creating a Plan with Confidence

Spend less time worrying about screens and more time connecting with your kids, with these family-tested tips from author and mother of five Andrea Davis.

Ralphie Jacobs – You have the Power to Change your Behavior as the Parent.

Lindsey is joined by Simply On Purpose’s Ralphie Jacobs to discuss the impact of positive parenting, and how being a “safe parent” can change your life.

Katie Arnold – Nurturing a love for Sport and Play

It’s no easy task raising adventurous children, but runner Katie Arnold thinks she’s cracked the code. Hear her tips on organized sport vs. unorganized free play.

Andrea Thorpe – Connecting with our Kids

Slow down. Ask questions. Give options. With those three simple steps, Andrea Thorpe lays the groundwork for real connection with your kids.

“Great Advice, Fun Podcast!”

“Lindsey is so real, fun and engaging. She has a range of guests with a variety of interesting experiences and perspectives. The podcast is really fun to listen to! I highly recommend Why is Everyone Yelling? to any parent who is looking to feel less alone, more connected and calmer and more confident in their parenting.”

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