I’ll Have Another Episode Archive

Episode 295: Andrea Ramirez Limon – Mexico’s 3rd fastest all time Marathoner; 2:26:34 at The Marathon Project

Andrea Rameriz Limon places 6th at the Marathon Project in a time of 2:26:34 on December 20th. This was a huge break through race for Andrea as hit the Olympic Standard for the first time (Olympic Standard is 2:29:30) AND she became the third fastest marathoner from Mexico of all time. Andrea has a remarkable … more »

Episode 294: Noah Droddy – 2:09:09 at the Marathon Project for 2nd Place

Noah Droddy placed second at The Marathon Project in a time of 2:09:09! Noah runs professionally for the Roots Running Project and is sponsored by Saucony and Polar. He has had a gradual progression post collegiately after being a DIII All-American at Depauw University. In the Chicago Marathon last fall, he ran a five minute … more »

Episode 293: Keira D’Amato – 2:22:56, 7th fastest all time American Marathon and 2nd at The Marathon Project

Keira D’Amato placed second at The Marathon Project this weekend in a time of 2:22:56, putting her as the 7th fastest Female American marathoner of all time. She has been on fire this year running an American Record in the road 10 mile in 51:23, a 15:04 5K and a 68:57 half at the Michigan … more »

Episode 290: Rachel Schneider – 31:09 at the Track Meet & 8th Fastest All Time American

Rachel Schneider just won the 10,000m at the Track Meet in a time of 31:09 making her the 8th fastest American to ever run that distance. It’s been a long time since Rachel last raced and in this episode she shares with us what her mindset was going into this race. Her perspective on running, … more »

Episode 289: Esther Atkins & Peter Bromka – What is the US Olympic Trials Marathon?

Esther Atkins and Peter Bromka recently wrote a piece on medium called “What is the US Olympic Trials Marathon.” I read through the article and immediately wanted to have them on the show to have a conversation with them about it. Esther is a 3 time Olympic Trials Qualifier, she won the 2014 US Marathon … more »


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