Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 71: Tessa Stuckey – Strategies for When Your Kids Lie or Cheat from a Licensed Therapist

Tessa Stuckey is a licensed therapist working with teens and parents of teens. She is a returning guest on this show. She was episode 32 of this podcast where we talked about cultural influences impacting our teens. Today on the podcast, Tessa talks about coping skills, when our kids lie and cheat and how to … more »

Episode 70: Sarah Lacey – Empowering Women Through Story and Connection

Sarah Lacey is the founder of Linking Indy Women which is an amazing community and networking group where each month men and women gather to hear inspiring women in business around the city share the story. You leave all of these events feeling connection, encouragement, having advice and strategy and most importantly you leave inspired.  … more »

Episode 68: Shannon Battle – The I Can Woman; Making Things Happen

Shannon Battle is a mentor, a business owner, a speaker, a counselor, and she is the mother of 5. She also recently got her license to be a general contractor and the story behind that is so cool that she saw the need for it and went after it. Shannon has a passion for helping … more »

Episode 67: Michelle Icard – Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen

Michelle Icard is a speaker, author and educator who helps kids, parents, and teachers navigate the complicated social world of early adolescence. Her newest book is Fourteen Talks By Age Fourteen. That guides readers between the fourteen essential conversations parents need to have with their kids before they start high school. It talks to you … more »

Episode 66: Erin Mohring – Delights in Motherhood as your Kids Get Older and Gain Freedom

Erin Mohring is the mom of three boys who are a sophomore, an 8th grader, and a 4th grader. Erin is also a runner so it was fun to hear that part of her story. She is a really fun follow on Instagram, she is @homewiththeboys over there! On her blog, she shares all about faith, … more »


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