Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 103: Kara Forney – Founder of thebump.com & Author of Boy Moms; Collective Tales of Mothers and Sons

Kara Forney is the founder of The Bump.com. She was the former CEO of The Bump as well once it was acquired by The Knot. She has a new book out called Boy Moms, Collective Tales of Mothers and Sons. This is a book where she sheds light on todays boy mom experience through a … more »

Episode 102: Judge Anthony Bompiani – Judge and Family Law Attorney on the Value of Communication

Judge Anthony Bompiani is a retired Judge and family law attorney turned consultant. He is the founder of Judge Anthony Consulting and co-founder of Court Clerk, a family court case management software program for non-attorneys. He is in the business of helping people navigate the areas of divorce and custody. He has been featured in … more »

Episode 101: Nellie Harden – Building Kids for Lifelong Confidence

Nellie Harden is a family, life, and leadership coach. She is the mom of 4 girls who are in their teen years. She works hard to help parents build their kid’s worth, esteem, and confidence. She focuses on raising girls but there is a lot of relevant information in this conversation about raising both girls … more »

Episode 100: Stephany Tousignant – You’re a Really Good Mom Already

Today my guest is Stef Tousignat and we talk about all things gratitude! The biggest takeaway from this conversation is that you are already a REALLY GOOD MOM. Stef is a self proclaimed imperfect parent & gratitude nerd. She is also the author of the children’s book “The Middle of the Night Book.” She wrote … more »

Episode 99: Yael Schonbrun – Work, Parent, Thrive

Yael Schonbrun, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, assistant professor at Brown University, co-host of Psychologists Off the Clock: A podcast about the science and practice of living well, and mother of three. Yael’s work draws on scientific research, her clinical experience, ancient wisdom, and her own personal experience with her three little boys.  Yael is … more »

Episode 98: Shanera Williamson – Raising Brown Children in White Spaces

Shanera Willamson is the host of the Brown Mama Bear Podcast. I first found out about Shanera on the Donald Miller Podcast which is a business podcast. She was getting advice from him about how to go about starting this awesome community that she has created. The community that she created is for parents raising … more »


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