Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 127: Dr. Carolyn Rubenstein – Living Beyond Burnout

Dr. Carolyn Rubenstein is a clinical psychologist. She has a PhD from the University of Miami in counseling psychology. She has been featured on the Today Show, the Boston Globe, and Psychology Today. She has a robust Instagram community where you can follow her. She gives practical ways to overcome anxiety and burnout over there. … more »

Episode 125: Ericka Andersen – Alcohol, Faith, and Church

My sister, Ericka, is on the show today! Ericka was first on the show back in 2021 for episode 36 where she talked about her sobriety journey. She has now been sober for 2.5 years so we get an update on that journey in this episode. She is a freelance writer, a podcaster, author, and … more »

Episode 124: Nattie Meador – Community, Friendship, and Vulnerability

I am so excited about this conversation with my friend, Nattie Meador. I know Nattie from way back, she is from the same hometown as me and is one of those friends that I have kept up with since reconnecting on social media! Nattie is from Bloomington, Indiana (my hometown!) and has moved back there … more »

Episode 123: Aly Pain – Ditching Performance Parenting

Aly Pain is back on the show! She was on episode 118 where we talked about healthy communication with our kids, especially as they are in their teen years. Today, we talk about communication again but we talk about how to communicate with our kids when they have something big coming up without being outcome … more »


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