Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 57: Taria Butler – Parenting and Partnership through the Unexpected

Taria Butler is the mother of 2. She is the co-author with her husband, Tyrece, of the book 2am Parenting: The Highs and Lows of an Unexpected Diagnosis. Their son has Type 1 Diabetes and he was diagnosed at 18 months. Taria shares her story of walking through that and shares what this process has … more »

Episode 55: Ash Brandin – Healthy relationships with screens and video games

Ash Brandin is a middle school social studies teacher who thinks that school should feel as motivating as a game. Ash creates lessons and structures that motivate like games. I have already learned so much from their Instagram page around the topic of video games and I feel a lot of relief because video games … more »

Episode 54: Amy Mockbee – Partnering with teachers, screen time, and giving yourself grace as a parent

Amy Mockbee is with the individualized early childhood consulting company, Work and Play. We had her confounder, Emily Boucher, on the show on episode 45 talking about fostering independence in your children. Amy has been teaching preschool for over 23 years and has a lot of experience! Amy and I talk about partnering with teachers, … more »

Episode 53: Lisa Chan – Tips from an occupational therapist

Lisa Chan is on the show today! Lisa is an Occupational Therapist for children. On her Instagram, she gives simple, practical and fun ideas for families. In this episode, we talk about some basic occupational therapy tactics that Lisa uses in her own practice. She gives us some really good ideas about helping children learn … more »


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