Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 65: Matt DeVirgiliis- Fatherhood from the Eyes of a Dad of Two Preemie Babies

Matt DeVirgiliis is on the podcast today! He is the father of 2 and his daughters are 6 and 8 now. They were born very prematurely so he has a memoir out that walks through his journey of being a dad of two preemie babies and walking through some pretty scary and life threatening situations … more »

Episode 63: Shanisty Ireland; News Anchor to SAHM – Author of Blog “She’s Becoming Domestic”

Shanisty Ireland is a former news reporter and anchor. She is now the mother to 4 and she runs the blog She’s Becoming Domestic. She has had a couple of articles that have gone viral on Scary Mommy. Shanisty talks openly about the messy parts of motherhood as well as the fun parts. I really … more »

Episode 61: Andrea Davis – Creating a Tech Healthy Family

Andrea Davis is back on the show today! Andrea is the founder of Better Screen Time and is the mom of 5. She has been researching screen time and the effects that it has on families for years. She has just relaunched and added so many great things to her tech healthy family plan. It is … more »

Episode 60: Chelsea Skaggs – Communication and Sex After Baby

Chelsea Skaggs is the founder of The WTF Trimester. She is a certified professional life coach, intimacy expert, and communication trainer for parents. Chelsea has relationship tips for overwhelmed parents, helping you and your significant other with fewer arguments and more intimacy. In this conversation, we talk about what happens after the baby is born … more »


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