Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 38: Kevin Wolma- Navigating Youth Sports

Kevin Wolma recently retired as the Athletic Director at Hudsonville High School. During his tenure in the district, he also taught physical education and health and coached over 30 seasons of tennis, basketball, and golf. Kevin recently published the book 30 Second Timeout about navigating through the challenges of youth sports. What I love about … more »

Episode 37: Stacey Heiny; 10 Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Home

Stacey Heiny is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who helps women increase their return on investment through lifestyle wellness. She’s a clean beauty advocate, abundance mindset mentor, and plant based eating inspirer who wants to show women that creating lifelong holistic habits is what will help them create their ultimate life. Owner of her brand called … more »

Episode 36: Ericka Sylvester – Giving up Alcohol and Breaking the Stigma of being a Non-Drinker

Ericka Andersen Sylvester is a writer, author, podcaster and freelance extraordinaire. She also happens to be my sister. Ericka joins the show to talk about what she’s learned over the last few years about alcohol. She’s currently 8 months alcohol free with her sights set on a full year and in this episode she shares … more »

Episode 35: Celeste Goodson – What to know about your core and pelvic floor during pregnancy and post partum

Celeste Goodson is on the show today! Celeste is the owner and founder of ReCORE fitness. This is a company where she helps women postpartum improve core, pelvic floor control, strength, stability and function through pregnancy and recovery. Celeste is the mother of 3 herself and she found that she had some challenging issues recovering … more »

Episode 34: My husband Glenn Hein – Expert Tips from Non-Expert Parents

Today my husband Glenn joins me again for round two! If you haven’t listened to our first episode together on road tripping with kids, you can find it here in episode 28 of this podcast! In this episode we share about our (Glenn’s camping adventure with our two biggest kids and also give thoughts on … more »

Episode 33: Wendy Demer – Meditation to help kids with stress and anxiety

Wendy Demer is on the show today to talk about helping our kids with anxiety and stress through meditation. She is passionate about teaching others how to live a more balanced joyful life through meditation, self-development and increasing spiritual awareness. She educates teachers, parents, children, coaches and her peers in mindfulness, mediation and sport psychology. … more »


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