Episode 160: Amy Kiefer – All things Business, Podcasting, and Friendship

This episode with Amy Kiefer was so much fun! It will feel like you’re just listening in to two friends chatting and catching up on all things business, podcasting, and friendship. Filled my cup for the week!

Amy is the co-host of the Herself Podcast and the Pursuing Her Purpose Podcast. She is also the co-founder of Expecting and Empowered. Amy is a former RN. She hosts the Herself Podcast with one of her best friends. And get this – they just bought a vacation home together! This was so much fun to talk about with Amy. It sounds like a dream for me and Amy gives us the ins and outs of that.

One of the things that we talked about in this episode that I really loved is that your business can grow and change with you and with the audience as you grow and change. This really resonated with me regarding this podcast. It was a fun conversation about following what you are passionate about and interested in.

Amy was so much fun to have on the podcast – continue to follow all that she is doing on her Instagram @ameskiefer.

What we talked about:

3:50- Introduction to Amy and the podcasts that she hosts

5:40- Hosting multiple podcasts

8:10- How her podcast grows with her life growing and changing

12:30- Keeping some of your family matters private

16:30- Keeping organized in your business

22:15- Balancing what you share online

27:10- Friendship

35:10- Doing business with her friends

39:40- Buying a house with her friends

47:25- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

The Perfect Marriage

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Herself Podcast

Pursuing Her Purpose

Expecting and Empowered

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