Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 161: Will Elliott – Helping Tweens and Teens Achieve Their Goals and Develop Confidence

Wow – this energy is full of energy, excitement, joy, and great advice! Coach Will Elliott is on the podcast today! He is a teen and parent coach. He coaches teens on their time management, personal growth, motivation, character building. He serves as bridging the gap between parents and teens. This is interesting – he … more »

Episode 160: Amy Kiefer – All things Business, Podcasting, and Friendship

This episode with Amy Kiefer was so much fun! It will feel like you’re just listening in to two friends chatting and catching up on all things business, podcasting, and friendship. Filled my cup for the week! Amy is the co-host of the Herself Podcast and the Pursuing Her Purpose Podcast. She is also the … more »

Episode 159: Dr. Cara Goodwin – When Gentle Parenting Doesn’t Work and How to Help an Anxious Kid

There was so much in this episode that I needed to hear and I hope that you all find the value in it, too! Dr. Cara Goodwin is a child psychologist. She runs the nonprofit Instagram account called the Parenting Translator. She also has a podcast and a substack page for that where she shares … more »

Episode 158: Clarkie Doster – Helping You Get Your Kids to Read

Clarkie Doster is passionate about helping our kids read and write. She has a website called Reading and Writing Matters, is a teacher and private tutor, and has two kids. Clarkie is on a mission to help parents, caregivers, and teachers become the team they need to be while also giving parents and caregivers the … more »

Episode 157: Brooke Romney – Encouragement for Parents Heading into the Teen Years

Brooke Romney is the mom of four boys and the author of a few books. Her most recent book is 52 Modern Manners for Kids and she also has one for teens. This book helps you give your kids practical ideas for how to live in this world, connect with adults, connect with peers, and … more »

Episode 156: Dr. Jenny Nuccio – Building a Meaningful Life; Let it Be Wild

Dr. Jenny Nuccio is the founder and CEO of Imani Collective which exists to empower artisans through dignified work, opportunity, and community. She tells us all about that in this episode! Jenny went on a short-term mission trip when she was 18 and identified some problems with that model and ended up moving to Kenya … more »


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