Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 118: Aly Pain – Healthy Communication With Your Kids

Aly Pain is a parenting expert. She helps parents end baffling blowups and painful disconnection with their teens to build trust and respect. She is a certified relationship coach for families. Aly is passionate about empowering us to have deeper and meaningful relationships with our kids where we can actually communicate well and listen well. … more »

Episode 117: Julie Bogart – Raising Critical Thinkers

Julie Bogart has a book called Raising Critical Thinkers which is mainly what we talked about in this episode. We chat not only about raising critical thinkers but also how to be critical thinkers ourselves. Julie provides passionate & compassionate exploration of what critical thinking is and how to hone this vital skill set in … more »

Episode 116: Tritika Sharda Bhanot – Simplifying Your Home

Tritika Sharda Bhanot is passionate about the minimalist lifestyle. She is a working Southasian mom on her journey to the minimalist lifestyle and her mantra is “each inch of your house is gold, use it wisely.” I love that she shares in this episode that her mother is who actually planted the seeds of minimalism … more »

Episode 115: Re-run Cali Werner – Family and Behavioral Therapist

Cali Werner is a family and behavioral therapist. She focuses on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, athletes and repetitive and ritualistic performance inhibiting behaviors, anxiety, mental health stigmas and more. Cali also recently wrote a book and it’s called Anxious Annie. In this episode, she gives us really thoughtful ways to evaluate and decide if our kids … more »

Episode 114: Re-Run David Thomas – Raising Boys

David Thomas is the director of family counseling at Daystar Counseling in Nashville, TN. He is the co-author of 8 books including the bestselling books Wild Things and Are My Kids on Track. As a licensed therapist, he works with kids and parents on all kinds of different topics.  He is a frequent guest on national television and … more »

Episode 113: Ali Flynn – Managing Expectations Over the Holidays

Ali Flynn is a writer and supporter specifically for moms of teens. She provides encouragement and inspiration for them. She has four daughters, two who are in college and two which are at home. We talk about adjusting our expectations when our kids are home from college, transitioning to raising older kids, parenting teenage girls, … more »


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