Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 77: Tricia Brichler – Simplifying a Healthy Lifestyle With Your Kids

Tricia Brichler is a mom of two lively little boys, a pediatric and holistic certified registered nurse (RN) and an integrative health coach based in Cincinnati, OH. She is an active lifestyle enthusiast and life-long learner and is constantly seeking ways to improve the balance between modern conveniences and long-term health of her own family. … more »

Episode 76: Julie Leonard – Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Coach

Julie Leonard is a pre and postnatal fitness coach. She has a master’s degree in exercise science. She focuses on the core and pelvic floor and she helps people achieve an easier birth and faster postpartum recovery. In this episode, Julie and I talk about how she got into her career and she gives us … more »

Episode 75: Julie Lythcott-Haims – Raising Independent Kids

Julie Lythcott-Haims is the NYT Bestselling author of How to Raise an Adult which gave rise to her popular Ted Talk. Her newest book is coming out, it is called Your Turn: How to be an Adult. Julie is also the author of a poetry memoir called Real American which illustrates her experience as a … more »

Episode 74: Sarah Molitor – Modern Farmhouse Family…. You know what is best for your Family!

Sarah Molitor lives in the Pacific Northwest and has 6 boys. Sarah is married to her husband, Tim. She provides encouragement, joy, and inspiration for you over on her Instagram page: Modern Farmhouse Family. She recently wrote a children’s book and has another one coming out soon. Sarah used to be a nurse and in … more »

Episode 73: Keli Reese – Fulfillment, Boundaries, and Fun in Motherhood

Keli has a heart for helping mothers replace anxiety and guilt with fulfillment and joy. She is the mom of 5 and recently went back to work. She is an educator who teaches fifth grade. She spent 11 years at home with her kids and has been back teaching for 2 years. We get to … more »

Episode 72: Jenn Kautsch – Rethinking Your Relationship with Alcohol Without Labels, Shame, Judgment, or Rules

Jenn Kautsch feels passionate about making safe spaces for women to have conversations about alcohol without judgment, labels or rules. She is a retired “grey area” drinker and in her mid-40s, she felt tired, stuck, and on autopilot and needed a change. She just turned 50 and is a new empty nester. She started a … more »


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