Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 90: Dr. Kate Lund – Raising Resilient Kids

Dr. Kate Lund is licensed clinical psychologist, published author, and keynote speaker. Kate struggled as a child with a medical condition called Hydrocephalus which made some of the typical activities of childhood challenging. Kate is an international bestselling author of the book Bounce which is the ultimate guide to help children build resilience and thrive … more »

Episode 88: Emily Battle – Raising Boys: Building Relationships Through Emotional Connection and Physical Activity

Emily Battle is the executive director of Let Me Run. Let Me Run is a nonprofit wellness program that inspires boys to be themselves, be active, and belong. They have a comprehensive curriculum that applies the power of running. The program encourages boys to develop their psychological, emotional, and social health in addition to their … more »

Episode 87: Julia Cook – Raising Lifelong Problem Solvers

Julia is nationally recognized as an award-winning children’s book author and parenting expert. There is probably a book that Julie has authored that tackles an issue or a subject that you are hoping to work on with your children. She has presented in thousands of schools across the country and abroad, regularly speaks at national … more »

Episode 86: Katie Kovacs – Clinical Therapist on Life Transitions and Body Image

Katie Kovacs is a licensed therapist and she specializes in individual counseling and psychotherapy for both adults and children. She is known for her work in high school athletics and the reality of anxiety, perfectionism, and eating disorders.  In this podcast, we focus on transitions, perfectionism, anxiety, handling emotion, and talking to our kids and … more »

Episode 85: Rachael Amarante – Burnout in Motherhood

Rachael Amarante is an author, a speaker, and she has created the Awakening Motherhood Project. She talks really authentically and in a really honest way to mothers and has a passion for living life with a little less BS, more joy, and purpose.  In this episode, we talk about burnout and ways to tackle it, … more »


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