Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 84: Kellie Syfan – Supporting Behavioral Changes

Kellie is a board certified behavior analyst. She is the founder of her own business, Applied Behavioral Happiness. At Applied Behavioral Happiness, Kellie and her team work with families to overcome challenging behavior through skill building programs and play.  What I love about Kellie is that she approaches this with what will work with your … more »

Episode 83: Angela Douglas – Showing kids the way by doing

Angela Douglas is the Executive Director for Healthy New Albany which is an organization that promotes wellness in Ohio. They have toddler in nature programs, nourish cooking lessons, a food pantry, and five races throughout the year that help fund their programming. They also have a virtual kids marathon where you do 26 miles over … more »

Episode 82: Dr. Laurie Kramer – Helping Siblings Get Along

Dr. Laurie Kramer is a licensed clinical psychologist and a professor of applied psychology at Northeastern University. She is the creator of More Fun with Sisters and Brothers program which is a program that teaches 4-8 year old children the key social and emotional competencies that research has shown are critical for fun, friendly, and … more »

Episode 81: Bob Kennedy – An Olympian’s Mindset Parenting High-Achieving Athletes

Bob Kennedy is an American Distance Runner, who is now retired. He once held the American record in the 3,000 meters, 2 mile and the 5,000 meters. Bob ran for Indiana University and went on to run professionally for Nike, competing in the 1992 and 1996 Olympics. Bob has a 5k PR of 12:58 and Nike … more »

Episode 80: Jennifer Borget – Budgeting Goals & Movie Night

Jennifer Borget is the mom of three kids. She is a blogger and is the creator of the Movie Night Journal. She is very passionate about movie watching and they do a family movie night every week and the journal that she created gives you suggestions, activities, and snack ideas to make your family movie … more »

Episode 79: Amy Arnold and Jessica Stanley – Connection and Friendship

Amy Arnold and Jessica Stanley are my guests today. They founded the company, Card My Yard. They founded the business with the simple goal of serving families and making a positive impact in the community with their small business. Over the past several years, they have turned this into a major franchise. They have over … more »


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