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Episode 182: Kenna Valdez – All things DIY and Home Decor, “Balancing” Motherhood and Running a Business, & Taking the Chance on Yourself

Kenna Valdez is joining me on the podcast today! Kenna is the creator behind the account @thefliphubb on Instagram. She is your resource for all things DIY, home flips, and furniture flips. So many cool things that she is doing over there including her new home that they had flipped, a house in the woods … more »

Episode 181: Hailey Magee – Stop People Pleasing and Find Your Power

I am excited to share my conversation with Hailey Magee. This is a conversation all about communication and setting boundaries and how to stop people pleasing. Big conversation, right? Hailey made it fun and manageable, though! Hailey has a new book out called Stop People Pleasing and Find Your Power! I think there are so … more »

Episode 180: Elise Loehnen – Womanhood: A Conversation on Facing Envy, A Love of Giving, and Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys

Elise Loehnen is on the podcast today! She is the author of On Our Best Behavior: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Price Women Pay to Be Good. This book weaves together history, memoir, and cultural criticism to explore the ways patriarchy lands in the bodies of women and embeds itself in our consciousness. Elise … more »

Re-Run: Julie Bogart – Curiosity Leading the Way

Julie Bogart is back on the show today! Julie Bogart has a book called Raising Critical Thinkers. Julie is the creator and owner of Brave Writer, an online writing and language arts program. In this episode, we talk about what happens when our hopes and dreams for our kids do not align with their hopes and … more »

Re-Run: Julie Bogart – Raising Critical Thinkers

Julie Bogart has a book called Raising Critical Thinkers which is mainly what we talked about in this episode. We chat not only about raising critical thinkers but also how to be critical thinkers ourselves. Julie provides passionate & compassionate exploration of what critical thinking is and how to hone this vital skill set in our children. … more »

Episode 179: Dr. Amy Bantham – Revitalizing Family Fitness: Crafting an Active Lifestyle for Our Kids

Dr. Amy Bantham is the founder and CEO of Move to Live More. They have a mission to bring healthcare, health and fitness and communities together to get people active and healthy. Dr. Amy has a book called Move to Live More which is all about trying to help us keep our kids active. Amy … more »


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