Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 171: Dr. Raquel Martin – Thriving through Connection; Family, Mental Health, and Empowerment

Today I am joined by Dr. Raquel Martin. She is a clinical psychologist and a professor at Tennessee State University. She is the mother of two and a mentor. She helps black women navigate racism, gender bias, and oppression. She embraces the importance of protecting our mental health. Clients and students alike attest that Dr. … more »

Episode 170: Emily Tisch Sussman – Pivoting in Career and Life

Emily Tisch Sussman is the creator and host of the award-winning podcast, She Pivots, a Tony-nominated producer, a Marie Claire contributor, a democratic political strategist, and mother of three. Emily is a seasoned host, having interviewed leaders and influential women including Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophia Bush, among others. She has … more »

Episode 169: Dr. Mariel Buqué – Breaking the Cycle and Healing from Trauma

Dr. Mariel Buqué is an Afro-Dominican psychologist. She received her doctorate in counseling psychology from Columbia University, where she also trained as a fellow in holistic mental health. She is a world-renowned intergenerational trauma expert and the author of the book Break the Cycle: A Guide to Healing Intergenerational Trauma. Her clinical framework is holistic … more »

Episode 168: Isis Breanna Bradford on Entrepreneurship, Boosting Productivity, and Living Audaciously

Today on the show, I have Isis Bradford joining us! She is simply full of energy and has encouraged me to live audaciously. She is a marketing, social media, and content expert. She is a keynote speaker strategist and consultant. She has recently decided to make a big change in her own business and what … more »

Episode 167: Sheri Jones – Youth in Business

Sheri Jones is my guest today! She is the mom of four and is a passionate advocate for youth entrepreneurship. This is such an exciting topic for me, I love this idea! Sheri herself is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and is the co-founder of Youth in Business. She is on a mission to empower young … more »

Episode 166: Victoria Marcouillier – Owner of BrandWell Designs, an All-Female Boutique Design Agency Serving Women

Victoria Marcouillier is the founder of BrandWell Designs and The Branding Business School. She leads an all-female team and they’ve built over 200 websites and have helped create over 300 brands. BrandWell Designs helps service-based female entrepreneurs. Victoria is a mother of two and she is passionate about helping women and mothers create powerful brands … more »


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