Episode 161: Will Elliott – Helping Tweens and Teens Achieve Their Goals and Develop Confidence

Wow – this energy is full of energy, excitement, joy, and great advice!

Coach Will Elliott is on the podcast today! He is a teen and parent coach. He coaches teens on their time management, personal growth, motivation, character building. He serves as bridging the gap between parents and teens. This is interesting – he is only 25 years old! I love this because it wasn’t that long ago since he was a teen so his passion pairs well with his knowledge.

His business is Next Gen Student Coaching and he helps kids with goal identification, making clear plans, success principles, habits, accountability. He has an app as well where he does live coaching sessions once a week. It is such a cool business, I have never seen someone in this space like him so I am excited for you to hear his story today!

He is so passionate about helping us have good relationships with our kids and coaching kids to be motivated! Will is wise beyond his years and it was SO much fun to hear his perspective about working with teams!

What we talked about:

5:00- Getting to know Will

8:50- Will’s work

17:25- The app that he created, Unstoppable U

18:30- Social media for kids

24:00- Helping parents communicate with their teenager

31:30- Character

33:50- Hard work

37:00- What the kids he works with wish his parents did less of

44:30- Time management

Show notes:

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