Episode 165: Sarah Levy – Getting Curious about Your Relationship with Alcohol with Author of Drinking Games

Today, I am joined by the wonderful Sarah Levy! She is a writer and the author of Drinking Games which is a memoir and essays that explores the role that alcohol has in our formative years and what it means to opt out of a culture completely enmeshed in drinking. Sarah has been featured on Good Morning America, The Los Angeles Times, Buzzfeed, The New York Post, Apple Books, Pure Wow, Goodreads, Amazon, and more! Okay, I’m impressed!!

In this episode, she talks about her story with alcohol and why she decided to give it up. She is now six years sober. She is a new mom! She has a three month old baby and we kick off the conversation with some new mom talk!! We also have a super fun part of the conversation where we talk about Taylor Swift and our favorite books – this is a FUN one!

If you have been listening to this podcast for awhile, you know that I am super interested in the sober community and don’t love my relationship with alcohol so I love conversations like these. Plus what better time to have this conversation than during dry January!

I hope that you learn something in this episode and I hope that you feel encouraged and don’t feel any shame and I hope that you feel confident in the life decisions that you are making regardless of what they are!

What we talked about:

3:30- Walking into motherhood

12:00- Sarah’s story with alcohol

22:30- Thinking about your own relationship with alcohol

27:40- Changing your mindset around drinking

30:55- What her relationship with alcohol looks like now

35:00- Her upbringing with alcohol

39:20- Advice for anyone wanting to change their relationship with alcohol

46:45- Taylor Swift talk and favorite books

Show notes:

Sarah on Instagram

Order Sarah’s memoir: Drinking Games

Book recommendations:

Bright Young Women

Happy Place

The Legacies

My Last Innocent Year

The Poisonwood Bible

Demon Copperhead

Nora Goes Off Script

Everyone Here is Lying

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