Episode 166: Victoria Marcouillier – Owner of BrandWell Designs, an All-Female Boutique Design Agency Serving Women

Victoria Marcouillier is the founder of BrandWell Designs and The Branding Business School. She leads an all-female team and they’ve built over 200 websites and have helped create over 300 brands. BrandWell Designs helps service-based female entrepreneurs.

Victoria is a mother of two and she is passionate about helping women and mothers create powerful brands and websites. 

Victoria and I dove into so many topics surrounding entrepreneurship, differentiating your brand, getting clear on your business’s brand, and understanding the why behind your business. It was so much fun to dive in and hear all about how she started and scaled BrandWell Designs.

This was a fun one, friends. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

What we talked about:

1:30- Introduction to Victoria

2:45- Starting BrandWell Designs

22:30- Marketing your product

28:20- Being brave enough to chase your business dreams

35:00- Differentiators

39:10- Transitioning your brand

42:00- Branding Business School

45:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Overcoming Underearning

BrandWell Designs

The Branding Business School

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