Re-Run: Julie Bogart – Curiosity Leading the Way

Julie Bogart is back on the show today!

Julie Bogart has a book called Raising Critical Thinkers. Julie is the creator and owner of Brave Writer, an online writing and language arts program.

In this episode, we talk about what happens when our hopes and dreams for our kids do not align with their hopes and dreams for themselves. We also talk about motivating our kids to be a successful person without pushing them in one direction or another. We also talk about relationships with adult parents!

What we talked about:

5:45- Leaning into aging

10:45- Hopes and dreams that we have for our kids

21:35- Allowing your kids to lead the way as they are following their dreams

32:35- Siblings fighting 

48:00- Relationships with our adult parents

58:05- Message to younger generations

Show notes:

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Julie’s book: Raising Critical Thinkers

Julie on Episode 117 of the Why is Everyone Yelling? Podcast

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