Episode 182: Kenna Valdez – All things DIY and Home Decor, “Balancing” Motherhood and Running a Business, & Taking the Chance on Yourself

Kenna Valdez is joining me on the podcast today! Kenna is the creator behind the account @thefliphubb on Instagram. She is your resource for all things DIY, home flips, and furniture flips. So many cool things that she is doing over there including her new home that they had flipped, a house in the woods that is just too cute!

Kenna is the mom of three. In this episode, we start the conversation talking about her road to motherhood. She has a severe case of endometreosis and knew that becoming a mom would be challenging. She did end up having two children biologically and then they fostered and adopted their third child. We talk about that a lot in this episode. We also talk about how she started her business, what she is passionate about, how she manages her business and motherhood/family life!

What we talked about:

5:10- Her infertility experience

9:30- Her experience with fostering and adopting

16:30- The “balance” of parenting and running a business

17:45- Her house that she flipped

25:15- Getting started with DIY

34:00- Her childcare situation and logistics of their family and business

41:20- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Remarkably Bright Creatures

The Push

The Whispers

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