Episode 180: Elise Loehnen – Womanhood: A Conversation on Facing Envy, A Love of Giving, and Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys

Elise Loehnen is on the podcast today! She is the author of On Our Best Behavior: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Price Women Pay to Be Good. This book weaves together history, memoir, and cultural criticism to explore the ways patriarchy lands in the bodies of women and embeds itself in our consciousness. Elise also hosts the podcast Pulling the Thread. If you are into spirituality at all and are interested in hearing from spiritual elders and wise thinkers those are some really great conversations over there! Elise has co-written/ghost written 12 other books.

In this conversation, we focus on raising emotionally healthy boys. This is hard to do because it’s a cultural thing not just something that happens inside our own homes! We talk about envy, something women tend to struggle with. We talk about how women are givers and why that is. I have a lot of spiritual questions (of course!) I love that this is one of the things that she focuses on in her work and it was so fun to pick her brain!

This is a wide-ranging conversation and I had SO much fun chatting with Elise!

Show notes:

Elise’s Website
Check out Elise’s book

Book recommendations:

Falling Upwards

The Universal Christ

The Wisdom Pattern

The Amen Effect

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