I’ll Have Another Episode Archive

Episode 152: Portsmouth, NH Live Show

I’ll Have Another Live Show in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with guests Katie Edwards, Deb Gardner and Jessica Goldman. This show as a collaboration with the wonderful Sarah Canney and Rise Run Retreat. We talk all things goal setting, overcoming hardship, perseverance and mental toughness… and let me tell you all three of these ladies are … more »

150: NYC Marathon Recap with Carrie Tollefson & Interview with Champion Mary Keitany

Carrie Tollefson and I talk all things TCS NYC Marathon in this episode and then I wrap it up with a conversation with the 2018 NYC Marathon Champion Mary Kietany. Carrie is an Olympian, and you can find her now doing the broadcast for major marathons, podcasting and being the mom to three young kids. … more »


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