Episode 182: Shanna Burnette

Shanna is a runner a mom to three, an entrepreneur and business owner (Modcraft Studio)  and an agent. She has built her career on what she loves to do – working with brands and she’s worked with brands including Oiselle and Nuun. She is currently stepping back from that and soley focused on being the agent for Professional runner Kara Goucher. Shanna is passionate about clean sport and is the co-founder of the Clean Sport Collective. (Podcast coming out soon!)

Shanna is an accomplished runner herself- she was a a 4 time state champion in high school in the 800, 1600, 3200 and cross country  and was always in the top 25 in the nation as a high school runner and ended up running at the University of Colorado for coach Mark Wetmore.

In this episode, Shanna and I talk about her career path, running, family, faith and so much more. If you loved this conversation- join us over on my patreon page for a continued 15 minutes with Shanna all about the viral article and video written by Lindsay Crouse featuring Alysia Montano about sponsors supporting athletes throughout and after their pregnancies.

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Clean Sport Collective

Thank you Scott – SNL Skit

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