Episode 184: Hannah Setzer

Hannah Setzer is an inspiration to so many and I can’t wait for you to hear her story. Hannah was born with a rare medical condition called Cystic Hygroma of the head and neck and has had over 50 surgeries since birth. She is eats soley through a feeding tube and has a full time tracheostomy tube as well.

Though Doctors told her parents she wouldn’t live long , would never talk or be active- Hannah has proven all of those things to be totally wrong. She is very active- has run 5 half marathons and for 500+ days has been on a daily movement journey- she does some form of exercise every single day.

When she was on her own fitness journey she realized there was a huge need for accessible fitness plans to be done at home for those who may have disabilities.  She has taken this project head on and is an advocate on a mission to make sure there are resources for people of all abilities to do at home workouts.

Hannah works as a Disability Rights Advocate in the state of Virginia and shares with us that she found her dream job after getting her masters in social work. Her and her husband Brandon are also currently foster care parents to a 15 year old girl.

In this episode we talk about all of these topics and one thing I was eager to learn about was her family life and how her parents raised her to be so strong willed and positive. An incredible family and an incredible woman. I hope you get as much from this conversation as I did!

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