Episode 183: Kimberly Truesdell

Kimberly Truesdell is an inspiring writer, runner, mom of two and advocate for healthy lifestyles for all. One of the messages she talked about in our conversation is that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to choose a healthy lifestyle. By day Kim is a marketer and writer and after hours she facilitates a weight loss support group in an underserved population at the YMCA.

She’s run several marathons, and ultras, taught group fitness for years and is now dipping her toes into crossfit. In this podcast episode, Kim shares her real and honest story about losing over 110 lbs over the course of five years. Kim was motivated to lose weight after her mother died as a result of her weight at 600 pounds – she shares a bit about their complicated relationship in this episode. I asked Kim some questions I was curious about while the conversation progressed surrounding using words like obese and talking about the numbers. I love her thoughts and also appreciated her honesty. She is a true inspiration.

Enjoy my conversation with Kim!

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