Episode 180: Grayson Murphy

Grayson Murphy runs for Hoka One One NAZ Elite under coach Ben Rosario. You all know how much I love to interview the NAZ Elite crew! Grayson is new to the professional running scene, with just about one year under her belt. Though Grayson is a pro runner, she only started running five years ago. YES, five years ago. Crazy right? She was a soccer play through her freshman year of college. She walked onto the Santa Clara University cross country team and discovered she was really good at this running thing.

She finished 53rd at her first NCAA Cross Country Championships in 2016 and then finished eighth a year later at the University of Utah. It’s safe to say she has progressed fast and has huge potential in this sport; potential that Coach Ben saw when he was out recruiting (Grayson shares with us how he pursued her to join their team in this episode.)  I love hearing how these parts all come together! Grayson has PRs of 3000m Steeplechase – 9:48.57 (2018), 5,000m – 15:44.45 (2017) and 10,000m – 32:28.09 (2019)

Some other things you’ll learn in this episode- she is a passionate book reader and went to school for Civil Engineering. Shealso has a desire to do a little trail running- something you don’t hear much from young pros so early in their career! And lastly, she’s an entrepreneur in her own right- she created really awesome training journals for 2019 and I loved hearing about the process that went into creating those. It’s a lot. 🙂

Grayson is open an honest about getting her head in the right space for racing and the process she’s walking through to own the mental side of racing. I really hope you love getting to know her as much as I did!


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