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Nutrition Series Episode 2: Maddie Alm – The Breakdown of RED-S and Iron (IHA Episode 393)

Maddie Alm is back on the show for the nutrition series! She is a registered dietitian who was recently on the show to talk about training with Team Boss, some of her own athletic breakthroughs that she has had in 2021, and so much more! I knew that when I was going to do a … more »

Episode 392: Sinclaire Johnson – USA National Champion in the 1500m Headed to the World Championships

Sinclaire Johnson just won her first US national title and is joining us on the show today! She was last on the show on episode 282 in October of 2020. She is a 1500m NCAA champion and was last on the podcast when she had just joined the Bowerman Track Club. She has since joined … more »

Nutrition Series Episode 1: Anna Turner – Hydration and Electrolytes with a Sports Dietitian (IHA Episode 391)

Anna Turner joins us for the first episode of a six part nutrition series! Anna is a sports dietitian. She has been on the show in the past on three episodes: episode 218, episode 237, and episode 265. She is a nutrition coach for endurance athletes. I have had several athletes that I work with … more »

Episode 390: Cortney White – Photographer of Project Eclipse Capturing Movement and Emotion

Cortney White is a photographer. She loves capturing movement and emotion and loves being outdoors. Cortney has worked with so many brands and publications including Coros, Columbia, Lululemon, The NY Times, Women’s Running, Women’s Health, The Bowerman Track Club. Recently, she photographed Shalane Flanagan and Adrianne Haslet. She also had the opportunity to travel around … more »

Episode 389: Sid Baptista – Creating an Inclusive Environment for Runners

Sid Baptista is an entrepreneur, a father, and the founder of PIONEERS Run Crew and PYNRS Performance Streetwear. He is passionate about making sure that running is inclusive and accessible to everybody. We recorded this right before the Boston Marathon and he was about to set up a pop up shop for his clothing brand. … more »

Episode 388: Maddie Alm – Sports Dietitian and Team Boss Athlete Talks Breakthroughs in 2021

Maddie Alm is a registered dietitian. She has her own practice called Fueling Forward and she specializes in sports nutrition for endurance athletes. She has a unique journey of her own as an average high school runner to an NCAA DI All-American to a USA Olympic Trials finalist. She had a huge year last year … more »


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