Episode 487: Lindsay Flanagan – 9th at the World Championships Marathon

Lindsay Flanagan is on the show today fresh off of her 9th place finish at the World Championships marathon in Budapest! This was her fourth fastsest marathon of her career. She has run 17 marathons total!

Lindsay has had an incredibly successful last few years of racing. She ran a PR at the Gold Coast Marathon in 2:24:23 which was also a course record there! She ran 3 marathons in 7 months last year. Lindsay is sponsored by ASICS. 

In this episode, we talked about how her training looked differently for this marathon, taking risks in training, recapping her race at the World Championships, and looking ahead for what’s next for Lindsay. 

Photo credit: Johnny Zhang 

What we talked about:

4:55- Traveling to Croatia after the World Championships marathon

6:55- Her training ahead of the World Championships

12:30- Remaining injury free

15:20- Being coached by Benita Willis

18:25- Training solo

20:30- Training ahead of the Olympic Trials

22:55- Running 2:24 at the Gold Coast Marathon

24:25- Selection process for the World Championships marathon

26:05- Taking risks in training

27:20- Recapping the World Championship marathon

38:45- What’s next for Lindsay

46:10- Her sponsorship with Asics

49:05- What Lindsay is up to outside of running

Show notes:

Lindsay’s coach, Benita Willis, on the I’ll Have Another Podcast

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