Episode 485: V.O2 Presents: Jack Daniels; World Renowned Coach and Author of Daniels’ Running Formula

The legendary coach and physiologist, Dr. Jack Daniels is on the podcast today! If you have been running for any number of years, you have probably used some of his running formulas and techniques. He is the author of the legendary book, Daniels’ Running Formula, where he shares his training philosophies.

Dr. Jack Daniels was named the World’s Best Coach by Runner’s World Magazine. He has coached countless of athletes and has mentored and coached some of the best distance runners in the country. He is a two-time Olympic medalist himself in 1956 and 1960 in the modern pentathlon. His life’s work became figuring out how to runner faster, how to run more efficiently, and how to determine training paces.

In this episode, Dr. Jack Daniels talks about the importance of training hard but not overtraining.

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