Episode 142: Priscilla Tallman – Mental Performance Coach for Young Athletes

Priscilla Tallman is a mental performance coach who trains athletes to have a healthy relationship with their sport, their teammates, and themselves. She played collegiate volleyball for the University of Georgia and went on to play for the USA National team and was a member of the World University Games team. She uses both her experience as a player and her education in clinical psychology to help athletes with their mental performance.

She has a really cool 30-day Champion’s Journal and Return to Play Journal. She also provides performance and mindset coaching to youth, club, and collegiate athletes. She has also been a coach of various levels for many years.

I loved talking with Priscilla!

What we talked about:

5:10- Priscilla’s work

8:10- Priscilla’s experience in sport

13:00- Following your kids’ passions in sport

25:45- Guiding our kids to help them find their passions

27:55- The athlete journal that she created

34:25- Social media for kids

42:55- Expectations for kids and grades

47:00- High school coaching

50:00- Teaching kids about mindset

53:00- Continuing to have fun in sport

Show notes:

Flying in the Face of Fear

Hope for the Flowers

Priscilla’s website

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