Episode 141: Dr. Morgan Anderson – Navigating Conflict in Relationships

Dr. Morgan Anderson is relationship coach, attachment theory expert, and the creator of E.S.L. Relationship Method. Her mission is to help women get off the dating rollercoaster, raise their self-worth, and attract the healthy relationship they’ve always wanted.

In this episode, we talk about relationships. So much in our relationships change when we have kids or have been married for a long time. We talk about what it means to be empowered and secure in our relationship with our partner and with ourselves.

What we talked about:

4:00- Dr. Morgan’s career

5:20- Attachment theory

11:00- Evaluating your attachment style

12:15- Navigating conflict with our partners

14:35- Childhood trauma

18:25- Continuing to be true to yourself in long term relationships

21:00- Friendship

23:10- Handling the give and take in relationships

27:30- Rekindling things after being in a relationship for awhile

29:30- The biggest problems that she sees people having in relationships

30:30- Creating our best selves

40:15- Her course, Empowered Secure Love

41:15- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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