Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 17: Dr. Christia Brown – Raising Kids Free of Gender and Ethnic Bias

Dr. Christia Brown joins me on the show to talk about raising kids free of gender and ethnic bias. She is an author, researcher, and professor of Developmental Psychology. She is also the Director of Center for Equality and Social Justice at the University of Kentucky. She earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at The … more »

Episode 16: Wendy Snyder – Redirecting Behavior & Designing Logical Consequences

Wendy Snyder is the fonder of Fresh Start Families. She is a Positive Parenting Teacher & Family Coach, helping families parent with great purpose and intention by creating healthy, respectful & cooperative relationships. She is a Certified Parent Educator of Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) and an advocate for families. In this episode we talk about … more »

Episode 15: Katie Arnold – Nurturing a love for Sport and Play

Katie Arnold joins us for round two on the podcast today! You first heard from her in episode 9 when we talked about raising adventurous kids! Today she returns and we talk about kids and sports and why it’s so important to nurture a love for sport AND play. It can be really easy to … more »

Episode 14: Alex Caspero, RD – Picky Eating, Food Choices, Language, Supplements & More

Alex Caspero, Registered Dietitian with Plant Based Juniors comes back today! We had so much to cover during our first episode that we decided to go for round two! Great news- after our first conversation Alex became inspired and created a free protein guide you can check out. We cover A LOT in this episode. … more »

Episode 13: Jeena Wilder – Talking with your Kids about Race, Transracial Adoption & Learning with your Kids

Jeena Wilder is the mother of four, an adoption advocate and a new homeschooling mom. She gave up the virtual learning thing and just went full on homeschool on her own! I bow down. Her and her husband have three biological children and one child through a kinship adoption. We get to hear about how … more »


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