Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 23: Andrea Davis; Screen Time and Kids – Creating a Plan with Confidence

Andrea Davis from Better Screen Time join us today! Andrea is the mother of five and has been researching the effects screen time has on families for years now. Andrea considers her family a low-tech family who had to rethink their approach to screens. I love that Andrea’s message is not one of fear for … more »

Episode 22: Jayne Havens – Empowering you to help your baby sleep through the night

Jayne Havens is a certified sleep consultant through the institute of pediatric sleep and parenting. She works with families to help get their babies and kids sleeping better through her business Snoozefest by Jayne Havens! Jayne is also the founder of Pediatric Sleep Management where she trains other people to start their own businesses as … more »

Episode 21: Nefertiti Austin – Motherhood so White: Race, Gender and Parenting in America

Nefertiti Austin is the mother of two, Professor and the author of memoir Motherhood so White: A Memoir of Race, Gender and Parenting in America. Her work has appeared in the “New York Times”, “Washington Post”, “Huffington Post”, “MUTHA”, “Gen Medium”, and many other publications. Nefertiti adopted both of her children through the foster care … more »

Episode 20: Zoie Hoffman – Goal Setting with Kids and Homework Tips

Zoie Hoffman from Hoffman Tutoring Group joins the podcast today to talk about goal setting and tips for helping kids with homework without the chaos. If we’ve learned one thing this year it’s that having kids home for virtual school is a challenge. Zoie gives us some tangible ways we can help our kids have … more »

Episode 19: Ralphie Jacobs – Look for the Good. You have the Power to Change your Behavior as the Parent.

Ralphie Jacobs is a positive parenting expert and shares “life changing parenting truths” through her courses over at Simply on Purpose and through her wildly popular instagram. She is the mother of four and has a big passion for arming parents with powerful parenting skills that will change your home. In this episode we talk … more »

Episode 18: Lisa Graft – Unmet expectations and identity outside of Motherhood

Lisa Graft is a beautiful soul who will encourage you to be exactly who YOU were created to be unapologetically. I knew when I sat down with Lisa that I would leave the conversation filled up with energy to pursue motherhood the way I was meant to. We all have different skills and passions and … more »


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