Episode 35: Celeste Goodson – What to know about your core and pelvic floor during pregnancy and post partum

Celeste Goodson is on the show today! Celeste is the owner and founder of ReCORE fitness. This is a company where she helps women postpartum improve core, pelvic floor control, strength, stability and function through pregnancy and recovery. Celeste is the mother of 3 herself and she found that she had some challenging issues recovering after her third child. In her research trying to figure out what to do, she discovered so much great information. With that she founded this amazing business where she is helping other mothers who have gone through the same thing that she has gone through to find solutions. Celeste also has created a maternity fit splint that is a belly band to wear while you run when you are pregnant. 

In this episode, she shares about what she does at ReCORE and why she founded that business. If you know any moms who are pregnant or newly postpartum this is definitely one to refer them to!

What we talked about:

3:10- What ReCORE fitness is

5:20- The problem with women not working on preventing pelvic floor problems

8:05- Things that women should be focusing on in regards to their pelvic floor during pregnancy and postpartum

9:15- What prolapse is

11:00- Exercises that you can do if you are experiencing prolapse

14:20- The difference between a C-section and a vaginal birth in regards to prolapse

15:05- Celeste’s birthing experiences

21:45- What diastasis recti is and what to look for when you think you may have it 

24:00- When to start doing preventative exercises during pregnancy

24:40- Message to people who cannot exercise as they’d like to during pregnancy

26:15- The maternity fit splint that she created

29:20- When and why she started ReCORE

30:20- The certifications that Celeste has and the training that she has gone through

32:30- What you can do if you are still having incontinence

36:10- 5 things to know about your pelvic floor and core postpartum

39:50- Seeing a Pelvic PT postpartum

42:40- Looking back on starting her business while her kids were young

47:00- Advice to herself when she had younger kids now that she has teenagers

48:30- When she gave her kids technology and if she would change the timing of it

51:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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