Episode 36: Ericka Sylvester – Giving up Alcohol and Breaking the Stigma of being a Non-Drinker

Ericka Andersen Sylvester is a writer, author, podcaster and freelance extraordinaire. She also happens to be my sister.

Ericka joins the show to talk about what she’s learned over the last few years about alcohol. She’s currently 8 months alcohol free with her sights set on a full year and in this episode she shares about what landed her at this decision and why she thinks it’s important we start talking about the effects of alcohol more. It seems to get a free pass and it’s also often times glorified in motherhood culture. We get into all of that.

It feels like a sensitive topic and we are both open and honest about our own struggles. I hope it makes you feel less alone if you are feeling that way too.

What we talked about:

6:55- Ericka’s business and work

7:55- Meeting her husband and her journey to motherhood

15:00- Ericka’s decision to become alcohol free

21:40- What she learned from Annie Grace and her book “This Naked Mind”

24:55- The culture of drinking with motherhood

28:50- Family history with drinking

36:10- The culture of drinking in our society and the support systems that she has

50:25- Thoughts on healthy ways to drink alcohol

56:35- The stigma around struggling with alcohol and giving up alcohol

1:03:45- End of podcast questions

Show Notes: 

This Naked Mind – Annie Grace

The Alcohol Experiment – Annie Grace

We are the Luckiest – Laura Mckowen

Blackout – Sara Heploa

Sober Diaries  – Clare Pooley

Annie Grace on the Worth your Time Podcast

Connect with Ericka:

Ericka on Instagram

Ericka’s Website

Worth your Time Podcast

Ericka’s Book – Leaving Cloud 9

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