Why is Everyone Yelling Episode Archive

Episode 8: Miranda Anderson – Less Stuff, More Adventure

Miranda Anderson is here to encourage us to simplify. Miranda Anderson is the mother of three and the founder of Live Free Creative Company and her mission is to provide tools for women to live a creative, adventurous, and intentional lifestyle. Miranda is also the author of More than Enough, a book that shares a … more »

Episode 7: Sergei Urban – The DadLab; Learning with our Kids

Sergei Urban from The DadLab is here to talk about connecting with your kids through science. What started as a hobby doing experiments and projects with his own two kids turned into a full time gig where he encourages other parents to get invested in learning with their kids. He is also the author of … more »

Episode 6: Alex Caspero, RD – Plant Based Juniors & Teaching our Kids Self Regulation

Alex Caspero is a Registered Dietitian and plant based Chef, she is the Founder of Delish Knowledge and the co-founder of Plant Based Juniors. She is the Mom of two and personally focuses on plant foods with a little dairy or egg and what I love about her approach to food and plant based eating … more »

Episode 4: Katy Allan – Savoring the Flavoring: Fun Recipe & Cooking Tips

Katy Allan is the woman behind Savoring the Flavoring  She is the mother of three boys and makes a dinner I wish I could be a part of every night. She is a writer, food blogger and loves cooking everything homemade. Her Mission: “to make the Standard American Diet a little less SAD, one home-cooked, … more »

Episode 3: Bianca Dottin – Mama’s of the NICU, Life after Loss & Thriving with a Chronic Illness

Bianca Dottin is an incredible woman who has walked through so much. You are going to be in awe of this woman. She is the Mother of three kids, 9 year old Tatiana and 6 month old angel baby Tristan, and her rainbow baby Trevor. After walking through the incredibly difficult experience of being a … more »

Episode 2: Katie Crenshaw – Founder of Her Body Can; How to Communicate Self-love and Body Positivity to our Kids

Katie Crenshaw joins us to talk about Body neutrality and ways to talk with our kids about having a healthy body image. Katie is the Mother of three and has a great message for post partum Mother’s who are questioning how their body is “supposed” to look and a message for the parent trying to … more »


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