Episode 62: Julie Podolec – The Power of Self-Belief

Julie is the mother of two and she is the founder of Modern Pop which is a fruit bar which was born out of her kitchen. She couldn’t find a simple ingredient frozen fruit bar to help her son’s teeth when he was teething and needed some soothing. They started selling these from a cold plate push cart along the street in Laguna Beach. Not long after that they fielded phoen calls from local grocery stores requesting delivery of their fruit filled bars. Julie is really a marketing and sales expert, she is so good at what she does. She shares about her entrepreneurship journey along with tips for people that are looking to start their own business. 

This episode is not just for entrepreneurs, you’ll also gain some really great life advice. She will help you to own this one simple thing: you are awesome!

What we talked about:

5:00- Julie’s interest in style and branding

6:35- Moving back closer to family

9:30- How she got into entrepreneurship

11:25- The self belief that she has

13:00- The confidence that was instilled in her while growing up

15:10- What her and her husband each work to teach their children

19:55- Easy breakfast ideas that Julie likes to prepare for her kids

21:20- What they do for dinner in their homes

22:35- The origin story of her business, Modern Pop

29:25- How to get over the fear of being rejected 

34:50- Julie’s favorite self-help books

36:35- Cultivating a healthy lifestyle for her children

40:55- Biggest win with Modern Pop

42:00- Best branding advice for someone starting a business

45:20- Using LinkedIn to grow her business

51:55- Julie’s holiday family traditions

53:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Modern Pops Website 

Modern Pops on Instagram

Manifesting Made Easy by Jen Mazer

Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith

Ivy & Bean by Annie Barrows

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