Episode 61: Andrea Davis – Creating a Tech Healthy Family

Andrea Davis is back on the show today! Andrea is the founder of Better Screen Time and is the mom of 5. She has been researching screen time and the effects that it has on families for years. She has just relaunched and added so many great things to her tech healthy family plan. It is a course to prepare kids to use tech as a tool.

In this episode, we talk about modeling healthy tech habits, working with our partners so that we can get on the same page, internal filters, self regulation, and getting buy-in from our kids for having a tech healthy lifestyle.

Andrea is offering listeners of this show a discount on her course! You can save 15% on her Creating a Tech Healthy Family Course by using the code “Lindsey15”.

What we talked about:

3:05- Launching her online course and what people can get from it

7:30- Giving your kids ownership over their tech plan

8:45- Creating healthy tech habits yourself to set a good example for your kids

14:10- Approaching when to give your children a phone

20:40- Helping your teens find their values and boundaries on social media

26:25- Working with our partners so that we can get on the same page with a tech plan

31:10- Putting filters in place on devices

37:35- Teaching your kids about internal filters when it comes to tech

38:40- Her own tech habits

Show notes:

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