The Illuminate Podcast Episode Archive

Episode 124: Dr. Erika Morrow and Everything Eyes

Your eyes really are the window to the soul…and your overall health…and this episode explains why! Join passionate eye-care specialist, Optometrist, Dr. Erika Morrow as we talk all things eye health.  In this conversation, you’ll learn how your eyes can give you clues for bigger health issues as well as how to take care of … more »

Episode 123: Shiri Reuveni-Ullrich – Founder of Rising Above Bakery

Shiri Reuveni-Ullrich is the founder of Rising Above Bakery in New York. Shiri is a speech therapist and an avid baker and noticed the dramatic effect that baking cookies had on her nonverbal, autistic young adult students. The kitchen filled with chatter, singing, laughter, and verbalizing as students became more comfortable with the work. At … more »

Episode 122: Amie Kurian and Third Monday in April

Let’s celebrate Women’s History Month by highlighting a woman-owned business, Third Monday in April and creator Amie Kurian.  Amie is the Founder and Designer of Third Monday in April, which is an online run shop created to spread the joy of running and grounded in the belief that running should be a path open to … more »

Episode 121: George Srour, Building Tomorrow (Re-Air episode 1)

Hey friends!! Today we are re-airing our very first episode. If you missed this episode or haven’t listened in awhile I assure you that it will drum up some inspiration for your day today! We hope you enjoy this re-air with social entrepreneur George Srour! George Srour is the Chief Dreamer for Building Tomorrow, a … more »

Episode 120: Drew Whitcomb and WearTesters

How you can find good reviewers online for any product you’re thinking about buying?  This episode shares the story of Drew Whitcomb, cofounder of WearTesters, a leading shoe, apparel and sporting goods review website and YouTube channel. Before WearTesters, Drew worked in sales and marketing at various startups, PayPal and General Mills.  In this conversation, … more »

Episode 119: Kalela Williams; Always Aspire

Kalela Williams is the Director of Writing at Mighty Writers. Mighty Writers is a nonprofit organization where they work with more than 3,500 kids annually to write with clarity. All of their programs are free to the kids that they serve. Kalela has worked with non-profits for more than a decade, instituting literary, artistic, cultural … more »


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