Episode 143 – Yogi “Y?” Guyadin (Activism & Cypher Pedagogy)

Ready to “build community through creative expression!”? Get ready to meet an inspiring educator/artist/entrepreneur who will inspire and invigorate you with ideas in this conversation!

Yogi Guyadin (better known as “Y?”) is an interdisciplinary “Artivist” and educator born in Queens NYC. He expresses through artistic mediums of music production/ composition, songwriting, vocals, live instrumentation, theater, and HipHop. As an arts educator, he founded www.CreativeExpressions.co in 2012 to create environments to impact, educate and empower using “Cypher Pedagogy” a technique based on non-hierarchical learning rooted in the foundation of HipHop culture. He has written curricula, designed workshops, and performed his original work nationally and internationally from open mics, classrooms, and festivals to conferences with the United Nations.

In this episode, we talk about Y?’s journey in creative endeavors, but we also talk about Artivism (Art+Activism), the plight of modern musicians, education reform, Creativity, and Mental Health. Specifically, you’ll learn ideas for teaching fundamentals as well as all about the “Cypher Based Pedagogy” method. You’re about to learn steps for creating environments that “impact, educate, and empower.”

This episode was hosted by Emmy (@dremmyb).

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