The Illuminate Podcast Episode Archive

Episode 133: Angela Douglas – Importance of movement and showing the way by doing the thing

Angela Douglas is the Executive Director for Healthy New Albany which is an organization that promotes wellness in Ohio. They have toddler in nature programs, nourish cooking lessons, a food pantry, and five races throughout the year that help fund their programming. They also have a virtual kids marathon where you do 26 miles over … more »

Episode 132: College Football Officiating — A Life of Stripes: A Look Beyond the Gridiron w/Greg LeFils

With college football starting up in a couple of weeks, this episode couldn’t come at a more perfect time! Meet Greg LeFils; he has been involved in football officiating his entire life, since his father, Greg Sr., was also a high school and NCAA FBS official for 40 years. Greg currently works as a Center … more »

Episode 131: Hawa Kipilili & Ruth Meriki – Educating One Girl Educates the Whole Community

Hawa Kipilili & Ruth Meriki are the founders of the organization, Elle Peut Naidim (EPN). EPN exists to deal with the issues most likely to hinder students’ ability to complete school: Menstrual Health Hygiene, Violence Against Women and Children, Reproductive Health, Early Childhood Marriage, and Mental Health. They were founded in 2020 and in just … more »

Episode 130: “Issues in your Tissues” – Chiro, PT, and so much more with Dr. Kurt Barnhill & Dr. Chelsea Hollingsworth-Barnhill

Issues in your tissues? Let’s talk Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, and more with entrepreneur (and killer athletes) Dr. Kurt Barnhill and Dr. Chelsea Hollingsworth-Barnhill.  This episode not only walks you through the basics of chiropractic care and physical therapy, including explanations of ART, Graston, Taping, and more – it shares the story of starting a … more »

Episode 129: Todd Aydelotte: A Historical UltraRunner…tracing history on foot

Some people run to clear their minds, others for fitness…there are so many reasons to run (or not), but have you heard of “historical ultra running?” In this episode you meet Todd Aydelotte is an ultrarunner and race director living in New York City. Todd’s unique approach to running long distances, historical ultrarunning, has been … more »


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