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REPOST Episode 161 – (Tony Award Winner for Best Musical, “The Outsiders”) Producer Cristina Vivenzio and From Idea to Broadway!

With the 77th Tonys airing last night, we couldn’t be more stoked for recent Illuminate guest, Cristina Vivenzio, a producer whose show just won the Tony for Best Musical (and Best Director and Best Lighting Design)! Not just any show, this one is based off of the well loved and still taught book, “The Outsiders.” … more »

Episode 165 – Ayden Behn and fun with playlists

In honor of SCAD graduation, this week we bring you senior and soon to be grad, Ayden Behn! In this conversation, we talk through how Ayden approaches new albums (like the Arianna Grande album from earlier this year) and then we dive into playlists, music, and more! This episode makes me fall even more in … more »

Episode 163 – Laura Stuart: The Weekly Warmup

Laura Stuart is an amazing vocal pedagogue who has tapped into a way to bring joy, technique, and self-trust to singing.  In this conversation we hear how Laura got into the world of singing and then we dive deep into working with adult singers, aging voices, and all kinds of vocal technique. If you always … more »

Episode 161 – Cristina Vivenzio and From Idea to Broadway!

Cristina Vivenzio is a producer about to open a show on Broadway! Not just any show, this one is based on the well-loved (and still taught in schools) book, “The Outsiders.” If you haven’t downloaded their latest single, “Great Expectations,” do that right after listening to this awesome conversation.  In this episode, Cristina shares how … more »

Episode 160 – Amy Donoghue – Hair Club For Pets

In this episode, we talk with my sister Amy Donoghue, owner and founder of Hair Club For Pets – a dog and cat grooming salon in the greater Boston area. We talk about her beginnings in the grooming industry, the decision to break out and start her own business, and the love she has for … more »

Episode 159 – Eric David Ackerman and Creativity, Getting Started, & “SPIRALING” the Album

Eric David Ackerman is an aspiring presence in the world of music, theatre, and film. Hailing from New Jersey, he is currently pursuing his BFA in Acting at the Savannah College of Art and Design and today we get to talk to him about creativity, balancing it all, and an epic album/experience he just dropped … more »


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