The Illuminate Podcast Episode Archive

Episode 48: Jessica Honegger – Creating Opportunity and Finding Courage

Today’s guest is a woman who is admired by many, is truly courageous and leads her life, business and family with a value system that strives to make the world a better place. Jessica Honegger is the author of the book Imperfect Courage, founder and CEO of the socially conscious fashion brand, Noonday Collection and … more »

Episode 46: Jor-El Caraballo- Viva Wellness

Jor-El is a licensed mental health counselor trained in psychological counseling. His experience includes working with both the NYC Anti-Violence Project and LGBTQ young adults at the True Colors Residence of West End Residences, HDFC and educating about sexual assault prevention, healthy sexuality and consent, and mental health and stress management.  Jor-El is the co-founder … more »

Episode 45: Demi Knight Clark – She Built This City

Demi Knight Clark is a self-professed “spitfire” and energy ball who envisions a world where #20PercentBy2020 is not only a smashed ceiling by thousands, but also women and men are equal in all trades. As the “only woman in the room” much of her career (and seeking out these situations), she is a passionate advocate … more »

Episode 44: The Muzaffar Sisters – Owning this Moment

Episode 44: The Muzaffar Sisters – Owning This Moment This week’s Illuminate Podcast guests are three sisters – Amal, Zainab and Mariam Muzaffar. COVID-19 has devastated the world, but it has also brought some positivity to communities. The Muzaffar sisters are the perfect example of this positivity. They were raised in New York and decided … more »

Episode 43: Eileen Moskowitz Palma- Using your Gifts for Good

Today’s guest on the podcast is Eileen Moskowitz Palma.  Eileen was a teacher for many years until facing a life threatening condition, HELLP Syndrome, while pregnant with her daughter. After that, she faced auto-immune disorders that forced her to give up teaching. Leaving her teaching career lead her to begin working on her other life … more »


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