Episode 141: The Science and Power of Storytelling with Jamey Espina

You hear a story and feel the connection to the storyteller, but why? We’re all chemicals, and this episode explains the power of storytelling and why. 

What started as listening to stories evolved into a career that continues to benefit and impact the entire community. Meet Jamey Espina who serves as Vice President of Development and Community Services for Hospice Savannah, helping people with a passion for our community to invest in ways that are meaningful to them and that truly make a difference for others. He has had the privilege to work with Hospice Savannah for twenty years. We kick off today’s conversation defining “hospice” and how (and when) to utilize their services. But, we quickly spin from there into Jamey’s most recent endeavor is as co-founder of the Institute for Story| Savannah.

Listen for the story, stay for the science. 

This episode was hosted by Emmy (@dremmyb).

Show Notes: 


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