Episode 142: I Walk on Purpose with Chris Twiggs

Ready to break through some barriers? Maybe start something you’ve always wanted to try (or retry)? Looking for a way to make something more entry-friendly or accessible? Let’s talk about walking on purpose and the Galloway system of run-walk with Chief Training Officer and International Program Director at Galloway Training, Chris Twiggs. 

Chris supervises local Run-Walk-Run program directors in approximately 50 cities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He is a Road Runners Club of America Certified Coach, 16-time finisher of the Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run, Ironman distance triathlete, runDisney “Perfect Marathoner,” and multiple-time Boston Marathon Qualifier. He serves on the board of The DONNA Foundation, where he is Run Committee Chair and holds primary responsibility for the 110 Mile with DONNA Ultra-Marathon. Through Galloway Customized Training Programs, Chris has coached over 1,400 athletes to their first or fastest races from 1-mile fitness tests to multi-day ultra marathons, with goals ranging from “just finish” to marathon victories.

In this episode, we talk about how the Galloway system works, why it works, and ultimately how just giving something a shot can lead to unbelievable possibilities and outcomes. Listen for the story, stay for the inspiration to try something, anything! 

This episode was hosted by Emmy (@dremmyb).

Show Notes: 



The London House by Katherine Ray

The Donna Marathon

International Medical Relief (IMR) 

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