Episode 66: Erin Mohring – Delights in Motherhood as your Kids Get Older and Gain Freedom

Erin Mohring is the mom of three boys who are a sophomore, an 8th grader, and a 4th grader. Erin is also a runner so it was fun to hear that part of her story. She is a really fun follow on Instagram, she is @homewiththeboys over there! On her blog, she shares all about faith, family, fashion, and fitness!

In this episode, Erin shares about the MOB Society and A Million Praying Moms that she founded and worked on for 12 years. She finally decided that it was time to step away recently. She shares what that is like to step away from something even when it is still a really good thing. She really encouraged me to step into what I am passionate about, what I believe in, and to trust my instincts on how to raise my family.

A resounding theme in this episode is that your family is your family, do it your way!

What we talked about:

3:00- Get to know Erin!

5:50- Finding her passion for running after having her third baby

13:30- Motivating her kids to find a passion for exercise

22:15- Balancing all of her kid’s extracurriculars

28:25- Accepting that her children are getting older and closer to being out of the house

34:15- Her boundaries with her kids and technology

38:10- The business that she created, the MOB Society & A Million Praying Moms and knowing when to step away from something even when it is still good

51:30- Teaching her children to give back to others

56:55- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Erin on Instagram

Erin’s Website

Million Praying Moms Website

Million Praying Moms Podcast

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb

The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson and Joe Sutphin

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak

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